Sustainability: Meet our client AP Renewables


Action beyond data

Since launching in April 2017, AP Renewables has been developing hardware and software solutions that enable renewable energy asset owners and operators to optimize asset performance and lower operations costs.

Based in Hamilton, Ontario, they are developing a range of innovative products that are trusted by commercial wind farms across North and South America, including CMI, E.ON, EDF, Enbridge, and Brookfield Renewables.

Current product portfolio

  1. SCADA Scope Insights Reports, which deliver actionable insights to all stakeholders across renewable operations, from investors to field repair technicians, reliability engineers to asset managers.
  2. SCADA Scope DT field unit, a diagnostic tool that gives turbine owners independent access to the high-resolution data necessary to accurately and quickly identify underperforming assets. The SCADA Scope DT will provide wind farm operators with unprecedented access to turbine health and reliability data, and enable predictive, preventative asset maintenance and management

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