Leyton support the Pure Ocean Fund

Leyton joins forces with the pure ocean fund for the preservation of our ocean.

October 2, 2020

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“The Pure Ocean Fund supports innovative projects which aim to build on knowledge and preservation of fragile marine ecosystems and biodiversity” announced the Director, Thomas de Williencourt on Monday in London, to an audience of dozens of Leyton clients.

The scientific, environmental and social innovative projects which are funded by the Pure Ocean Fund can provide solutions for the deterioration of fragile ocean environments, plastic and chemical pollution and overfishing.

“The support provided by Leyton will help fund new technological, environmental and social innovations for the protection of the oceans, especially for the next call for proposals in December 2019” added the Director of Pure Ocean.

Leyton, sponsor and active partner

François Gouilliard, President of Leyton, wanted his company to go beyond being a sponsor, and take a more active role for Pure Ocean, by providing the Fund with access to their international network of contacts in order to try and rally new sponsors. The company will also utilise their sailing partnership and the notoriety of their skipper Arthur Le Vaillant, himself extremely committed to environmental concerns, to make the public aware of the issues faced today, here laid out by Thomas de Williencourt: “70% of our planet is water. The ocean supplies the earth with food and oxygen and holds an immense diversity of species, but we are today faced with numerous challenges concerning the sustainability of our environment”. The Beneteau sailing boat which Arthur used for the Solitaire Urgo Le Figaro race bore the slogan “Race For Pure Ocean”.

François Gouilliard, Founder and CEO of Leyton Group, and Thomas de Williencourt, Director of Pure Ocean, signing the agreement on July 8, 2019 in London

Sustainability by Leyton: A long-term commitment to the environment

“Responsible development is right at the heart of Leyton’s values,” said William Garvey, General Manager of Leyton UK. “As part of our economic performance strategy, we help our clients find the best funding means and to improve their approach to development in a sustainable way”. He added: “Our partners also want to get more involved for causes they care deeply about. The program “Sustainability by Leyton” was created in 2018 and groups together all our social and environmental responsibility efforts. Our partnership with Arthur Le Vaillant, a skipper who is also committed to protecting the environment, means we can take these concerns and give them more visibility in the global world of sailing”.

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