A Fast-Track to Funding: Leyton & Easly Partnership


Leyton and Easly have partnered to Fast-Track SR&ED refunds and other government receivables for Canadian Innovators. Coupling Leyton’s consulting expertise with Easly’s Capital-as-a-Service platform gets funds to clients in as little as a week.

Why We Partnered?

“We know SR&ED claims coming from Leyton clients will be accurate, so we can confidently deploy our capital quickly. This is going to be a real win-win for those companies…” says Andrew Kareckas, Easly’s CEO.

“Leyton ensures clients claim all eligible expenses, compliantly maximizing their refund. We bring that refund forward so they can put it to work today. Capital-as-a-Service means Easly clients can draw on-demand, at any time throughout the year.”

After initial funding, subsequent requests can be funded in 48 hours.

“We have chosen to work with Easly as their offering extends to the wider reaches of the market in terms of the breadth of the programs and the levels they can finance. Additionally, they are competitively priced with an extremely simple application process…” says Charles Sole, Commercial Director at Leyton. 

“Innovative Companies have a range of options to consider when looking to access capital, both privately and through Crown Corporations. Financing Government Receivables through Easly remains one of the fastest and most flexible compliments to an innovative companies capital stack. “

How Does Our Partnership Benefit Clients?

Fast-tracked refunds offer Canadian companies the possibility to invest where they want to, and on their own schedule. 

From purchasing new equipment to expanding into new markets to growing your sales team, early access to funding can set your growth strategy in motion and provide you with a competitive edge. 

Don’t know where to start? See how you can apply your fast-tracked funding below:

Key Message:

More and more innovative Canadian companies are utilizing government receivables financing to access non-dilutive capital. Through this partnership, Leyton and Easly are united with the goal of bringing this financing option to even more Canadian Innovators.

Ready to finance your SR&ED refund or other government receivables?