Medical devices

Inside picture client case study medical devices


The client is a new start-up in the field of medical devices. Their company is based on an innovative and proprietary biological technology, and their SR&ED claims allowed them to accelerate the development of their technology by introducing a new source of funds in their operation.

Protection of their intellectual property

As their technology is the very foundation of their company, the protection of their intellectual property is paramount, and they want to limit as much as possible the information shared with the government.

This implies that the preparation of their claims is more complex. At the same time, before working with us, the client had no knowledge of the program, as much for the technological admissibility requirements as for the expenses they could claim.


By working closely with the client, we were able to prepare technical project descriptions which met CRA requirements without giving away the client’s sensitive information.

Identify admissible work & expenses

Throughout the information collection and writing processes, we worked with the client to identify sensitive points and validate that they were comfortable with the level of information being shared.

We were also able to train the client relative to the program, allowing us to help him precisely identify admissible work and expenses while accompanying them through the preparation of documentation in line with CRA guidelines.

Inside picture client case study medical device


Thanks to our work, the client was able to submit to SR&ED claims while being confident about the security of their industrial secrets.

Claim of the SR&ED tax credit

Both claims were accepted without government scrutiny, and they collected over $ 200 000 in tax credits.

These funds allowed them to grow their development program and accelerate the development of their technology and derived applications.