Innovation and value creation: A cross-industry effect

October 5th, 2021

Leyton Benelux is proud to announce the 4th edition of our Conference on Innovation.

Technology is evolving at higher speeds than ever before and is becoming a bigger part of companies across all sectors. Even complex technologies, like artificial intelligence, are now accessible for new sectors like fashion, marketing, engineering, construction, biotech and many more.

Finding innovative ways to integrate inventions from completely different sectors has been successful in many cases, allowing a company to reinvent itself. Today more than ever, this cross-industry innovation is establishing itself as a means of creating value but also of boosting our innovative potential.

What about your business? How do you think it can benefit from the cross-industry effect?

Join us for an inspirational event and use all your senses to the fullest through art, music, fashion and brain waves. To learn more, register now for our conference*.

*Physical and corona-proof event  



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    Featured Speakers

    Jasna Rokegem

    Founder of Jasna Rok Labs

    Wouter Denayer

    Innovation magician & Founder of Briteflo, former CTO of IBM Belux

    Bob Van Dyck

    Mindspeller BCI expert


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