Webinar: Artificial Intelligence and Human Collaboration Go Hand-in-Hand

    • Jul 07, 2022
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Artificial Intelligence

Many companies are implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a replacement for human capacities, which has generated a negative perception of this technology, but in fact, when used correctly, it can help humanity advance and achieve more.

That being said, Leyton decided to bring together two key players in the field of artificial intelligence, with a human-centric focus. 

In this webinar, Jean-Baptiste Fantun, CEO of NukkAI , and Paul Shepherd, Founder-CEO of We Build Bots, join our head of software at LeytonIliass Ikhanjal, and Matilda Hayward, R&D Technical consultant, to discuss how companies can implement Artificial intelligence to work hand-in-hand with human intelligence.  

Webinar was recorded in English.

Examples of topics covered

  • How AI is being used to meet business needs from a commercial, logistical, social and sustainable perspective
  • The evolution of AI over the next decade  
  • How to manage complex matters in few minutes instead of days
  • Growth applications of AI
  • And more!

About NukkAI

Co-founded by Leyton, NukkAI operates in varied sectors such as defense, aeronautics, education, and finance. NukkAI recently hit the headlines by beating eight world champions at the game of bridge. As a world leader in next-generation AI, NukkAI is building an explainable AI that does not aim to replace humans but rather collaborates with them.

About We Build Bots (WBB)

Multi-award-winning AI-powered automation, WBB is empowering teams and customers of the public, private and other sectors by driving efficiencies across the front and back office, through intelligent automation, powered by conversational AI case studies.

About Leyton

Every day, Leyton teams are committed to their customers in a race for technological, environmental, social and sustainable progress. By obtaining financial solutions adapted to their challenges, our technical and fiscal experts maximise the development potential and sustainability of their clients, companies, and organisations of all sizes and in all sectors. For 25 years, the job of our 2,600 employees has been to provide a quantifiable, high-quality service, based on a proven methodology, constant monitoring, and innovative tools.

Matilda Hayward


Matilda Hayward, R&D Technical Consultant, Leyton


Jean-Baptiste Fantun-CEO of NukkAI
Jean-Baptiste Fantun

CEO of NukkAI

Jean-Baptiste Fantun-CEO of NukkAI
Paul Shepherd-Founder-CEO of We Build Bots
Paul Shepherd

Founder-CEO of We Build Bots

Paul Shepherd-Founder-CEO of We Build Bots
Iliass Ikahnjal-Head of Software, Leyton
Iliass Ikahnjal

Head of Software, Leyton

Iliass Ikahnjal-Head of Software, Leyton

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