Case Study

Metallurgy industry

    • 31-05-2023
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Structuration of management processes

Our client’s industrial focus is the design and fabrication of parts composed of special highly alloyed metals.

Because he operates in a complex activity sector, the client called upon Leyton’s expertise to help him plan out and structure his project management processes so he could submit an SR&ED tax credit claim based on his real-time and material investments.

Answer the specific requirement of the SR&ED program

Because of the specific requirement of the SR&ED program, we helped our client plan out and structure his claim based on his fabrication technologies rather than the products he was developing. In doing so, we established a process that allowed him to properly document his activities and associated costs, thus allowing him to optimize the value of his claim.

Claim of the SR&ED tax credit

The method followed to structure his claim allowed our client to follow Revenue Canada’s requirements and current interpretations, leading to a total amount of $540 000 in investment tax credits.