Know your grants – Episode 16: NovaScience Program

  • By Oumaïma Sioury
    • Oct 12, 2023
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Discover the NovaScience program with Leyton! In this series of monthly videos, our consultant team will help you discover specific government grants available in Canada, and share key details.

For this episode, our Senior Government Grants Consultant, Oumaïma Sioury, will be sharing her insights and expertise. Oumaïma Sioury holds a master’s of science and has extensive experience working with businesses across various industries and sizes. She has assisted them in obtaining grants and tax credits, offering her expertise in both English and French. She is now helping Leyton’s clients leverage public funding (federal and provincial) to achieve their objectives while lowering the financial risks. She will delve into the NovaScience program, and explain how this program can help you cover the cost of hiring new experienced staff and/or fund existing employee salaries.

Examples of topics covered:

  • What is the NovaScience program?
  • The components of the grants and the funding available
  • Eligibility for the program
  • And more!
Are you looking to hire staff? This grant could help cover the salary of new or existing staff.

NovaScience Program – Stream 1: Employees

The NovaScience program (Stream 1) subsidizes new employees’ salaries to promote a culture of scientific research and innovation within the company.

Projects – Stream 1

  • R&D activities :
  • Engineering;
  • Conception & Design;
  • Mathematical analysis;
  • Computer programming;
  • New and improved products and processes;
  • Etc
  • Research in social sciences and humanities;
  • Product and process innovation, work
  • organisation and marketing;
  • Automation and digitalisation of processes to
  • increase productivity and competitiveness of the company.

Eligibility – Stream 1

  • For for-profit companies with less than 500 employees
  • Employees should spend at least 80% of their time (30 hours per week) working on the project: R&D, Innovation and commercialisation, Digitisation and automation.


  • 50% of salary to a maximum of $30,000 per employee

NovaScience Program – Stream 2: Innovation & Sales Manager (ISM)

The NovaScience program (Stream 2) is a financial assistance program for companies wishing to hire an ISM to continue innovating and developing their business.

Program Objectives

  • Offer financial and technical support to Quebec companies for research and development
  • Develop the next generation of scientists and technologists by supporting initiatives aimed at outstanding young professionals in research and innovation
  • Create highly qualified jobs in the field of innovation

Eligible Projects

The NovaScience – ISM Program is open to companies working on projects that meet the following criteria:

  • Be carried out in Québec for a minimum of one year
  • Contribute to the achievement of ministerial or governmental priorities
  • Be aimed at deploying research and innovation initiatives, particularly in the areas of commercialization, financing, management, and technology transfer

Eligible Costs

  • The NovaScience – ISM Program will fund only the salary of the newly hired manager in charge, working a minimum of 35 hours per week, up to 50%, i.e. a maximum of $75,000 over a 12-month period.

Eligible Applicants

  • For-profit organizations with 10 to fewer than 500 employees in Quebec;
  • Organizations with sufficient skills, particularly in: Scientific research and/or experimental development, Innovation management, Promotion of research results, Mobilization of financing and capital

Do you want to apply for the AI grant ?

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If you wish to learn more information about this grant and how we can help you apply for it, contact one of our experts today!

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Oumaima Sioury
Oumaïma Sioury

Senior Government Grants Consultant

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