How manufacturing companies can leverage export grants for market expansion

  • By Ryan Lamers
    • 21 Oct, 2020
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Companies in all industries, and especially those in manufacturing, are facing difficulties expanding beyond Canada’s borders. To assist with these market expansion efforts, the Federal Government is still offering the CanExport program, which provides grants of up to $5,000 for SMEs to engage in projects which seek to boost their presence in new foreign markets.

TheCanExport program provides you with suitable support

With federal advisories limiting travel outside of Canada, the CanExport program does not currently fund travel and attendance at tradeshows; however, they remain committed to helping companies expand by offering support for marketing activities, business and legal consulting, and market research.

Thus, for companies who cannot afford to remain complacent despite the lack of support for travel-related activities, the CanExport program continues to provide a suitable avenue to support companies in the expansion of their business’s global reach.

To evaluate your global expansion initiatives or discuss the CanExport program further, reach out to our experts today!


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Ryan Lamers

Manager Government Funding

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