Grant Program for Artists

  • By Maxence Milhau
    • Sep 20, 2023
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Grants for artists

The Grant Program for Artists is a funding program offered by the Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec (CALQ) to help improve the financial situation of artists.

The program has 9 components and supports a wide range of activities in all disciplines, regardless of the artist’s experience. The recognized disciplines are literature and storytelling, music, song, theatre, circus arts, multidisciplinary arts, dance, visual arts and architectural research, fine crafts, film and video, and digital arts. The components supported for these disciplines are as follows: 

  • Exploration and Research (supports risk-taking and encourages innovation in the arts and the exploration of new paths)
  • Creation (supports the creation of works and the various stages of the process)
  • Public presentation (public performance or exhibition, encouraging the dissemination of Quebec works and facilitating access to them)
  • Travel (supports the presence and influence of artists in Quebec and internationally, to promote career development)
  • Circulation of works within Quebec (promoting the work of artists in Quebec, extending the life of works)
  • Circulation of work outside Quebec (raising artists’ profile outside Quebec)
grants for artists

Each of these programs has several eligibility criteria, such as having participated in at least one production independent of your training or subsequent to it, presented in a peer-recognized context in your field of activity; having presented a work or body of work publicly in a peer-recognized context; having published, in a peer-recognized context, at least one book or a minimum of three texts in a literary genre eligible for the CALQ.

Through this program, CALQ covers up to $50,000 or 75% of eligible expenses for each component.

At Leyton, we can help you prepare your application, establish the eligibility of your projects, and guide you in choosing which component(s) to focus on.



Maxence Milhau
Maxence Milhau

Innovation Funding Consultant

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