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Our Research center

  • At the heart of our centre of excellence is a highly dedicated team at the forefront of state of the art research subjects. This team comprises expert individuals whose main mission is to monitor the latest technologies in the public domain and participate in the development of our cutting-edge scientific knowledge bank in collaboration with our various offices around the world.

  • To build this team, we have chosen highly competent engineers and doctors coming from the most recognised schools and universities, with a range of different areas of expertise, to name a few:
  • Our expertise

    Mechanics, Energy, Civil Engineering

    Smart Cities, Eco-design, Renewable Energies, Energy Efficiency, Modelling, BIM, Fluid Mechanics, Mechanics of Structures, Aerodynamics

    Telecommunication and Network

    RFID, Internet of Things (IoT), Network Security, QoS Assurance Protocols, Ad-hoc and PCS Wireless Networks

    Automation, Electronics, Electrical Engineering:

    Robotics, Embedded Systems, Micro-nano Systems, Microelectronics, Power Systems, Control Systems

    Computer and Data Science

    Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, Quantum Computing, Distributed Systems, Cryptography, Blockchain Technology, Mobile Computing, Mathematical Optimization and Modelling

    Materials, Processes and Chemistry

    Crystallization, Polymerization, Nano-composites, Bio-sourced Materials, Nano-Materials, Chromatography and adsorption, Electrochemical Systems

    Biology, Medicine and Food processing

    Animal and Livestock Science, Microbiota & Gut health Innovation, Plant Breeding Innovation; Smart Seeds / Crops, DNA design, Biotech Innovation, New-Generation Vaccine

    Hear from our employees


    @Leyton since 2017

    Since day one in Leyton, i became aware of the Vibrant and friendly atmosphere and great environment I’am working in. This positive impression has also been confirmed during the team outings and activities. The solidarity within the team is very palpable and creates a strong sense of belonging.
    The healthy and friendly environment set up by each member of the team, makes Leyton a dynamic and exciting place to work and to grow in.


    @Leyton since 2018

    Being part of Leyton family is where I got the chance to discover new innovative solutions, new ways of thinking, and solving problems. Indeed, working in a team of engineers and PhDs allows me to share knowledge and ideas in several fields. Evolving within an innovative and creative company such as Leyton gives me a great sense of fulfillment.


    @Leyton since 2020

    Leyton offers plenty of opportunities for self-development and personal growth. Here, the work culture is very open and transparent which keeps me motivated every single day. In my position, I have the opportunity to work across multiple industries and sectors on innovative projects. Safe to say that the challenges of Covid-19 did not impact the work routine since Leyton always made sure to provide all the necessary technical platforms to work efficiently in these hard times. I personally believe that our mission became more morally potent. I wake up every day proud knowing that my work would secure additional cash flow for many companies in these trying times.


    @Leyton since 2019

    I have had the pleasure of working at Leyton UK for about a year and a half now. Throughout this journey, I have realised that balance is key to success. The environment at Leyton gave me the tools I needed to find my own balance between my professional career, activities, and personal development. Leyton has been quite an insightful journey. I feel honoured and proud to be part of a community that showed me that there is no stopping you.

    Our Schools partnerships

    Our Schools partnerships

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