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John Paul Construction

    • May 10, 2024
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John Paul Construction

About the client

John Paul Construction are an industry-leading construction and civil engineering company. Based in Ireland with additional offices in the UK, they’re currently expanding into Germany and other parts of Europe. For over 75 years, they’ve delivered large and complex building and infrastructure projects across a range of sectors. 

The Benefit

John Paul Construction’s knowledge of R&D Tax Credits was limited, and they were concerned by the complexity of the claims process.
Leyton’s construction industry experience and proactive communication made the claiming process a simple one. The benefits gained have allowed them to invest in their R&D initiatives, and their new understanding of the claims process has driven their enthusiasm for developing new innovations within the construction industry.

Why did you choose to work with Leyton?

“We approached a number of different partners and found that Leyton, through their experience, particularly in the construction industry, were able to really support us on the journey. They gave us the knowledge and information that we needed to be able to…maximise the opportunity.”

How would you describe the R&D Tax claiming process with Leyton?

“The claiming process has been very simple and very proactive.

Our account support manager explained, through a detailed presentation exactly, how the process worked, what the opportunities were and how we would go about maximising our opportunities.
He proactively engaged with all of the senior leadership within the business and all of the project managers on all our projects to maximise our opportunities. He pulled all the information together and did all of the due diligence, the financial reporting and essentially pulled together the whole report to allow us to make the submissions.”

What has the R&D Tax benefit you secured meant for the business?

“…I think it’s fair to say that what the support has done and the financial reward that we’ve got from these tax refunds has supported the business in terms of developing its R&D process going forward.

We’re now engaged in a much more proactive process of R&D, trying to leverage the value of Revenue claims by proactively looking and developing more R&D solutions and looking at different and better ways of working in the construction industry.” 

Before working with Leyton, what was your knowledge of R&D Tax Credits?

“Our knowledge was very limited… We had made ourselves aware of the availability of tax credits through The Revenue, but we found that it was very difficult to navigate the process…
It was known that there was opportunity, but how we leveraged that opportunity was certainly something that was unknown.”

Would you recommend Leyton’s services to others?

I would certainly recommend, and have recommended, Leyton to other people within the industry. We’ve recommended Leyton to a number of consultants and contractors that we’re working with in terms of the support that they can give.
Whilst Leyton are based in the UK, they have a strong understanding of the Irish market and knowledge of R&D. We found them very proactive. Their ability to support us in this journey has been excellent.”

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