Revolutionize how
we claim tax credits

REV makes claiming tax credits for your business simpler, easier, and more accurate – allowing you to focus on what’s next.

The REV Advantage

Leyton powered by REV is a cutting-edge tax credit service that combines technology with our best-in-class tax team. Through integrations and an easy-to-use interface, startups and small businesses can claim tax credits.
  • dashboard
    Summary Dashboard

    Our expert tax team uses a proven, tech-enabled analysis process to ensure every claim is accurate, complete, and audit defensible.

  • forum
    Collaborative Approach

    Working with your internal team and existing CPAs, we’ll determine the best way to achieve your company’s goals.

  • upload_file
    Always Accessible

    Merging user-friendly features with innovative technology, the REV platform allows you to save time through secures exchanges and obtain visibility of all processes.

  • cloud_sync
    Maximize your Returns

    We help you maximize your credits, so you never have to worry about leaving money on the table. Plus, you only pay if you qualify.

  • extension
    Easy Integrations

    Quickly sync your payroll and accounting software to share relevant business data and information.

  • currency_exchange
    Reinvest in your Business

    Get money back from the IRS — and use it however you’d like! Hire new talent, launch a new project, or elongate your runway.