Case Study: Food Science

The R&D Tax Credit Experience with Leyton

The Leyton team was wonderful to work with. Each professional made the complex and cumbersome process, straightforward and efficient. Leyton counseled us all along the way, recommending various courses of action to achieve optimized results. They also worked seamlessly with each functional area – from engineering and product development to finance. – CFO


A client of ours makes flavors and flavor delivery systems
used in foods and beverages. They routinely devise new
flavors, tinctures, and additives. They experiment with
production processes and formula combinations to
determine the appropriate design of flavor profiles and
the optimal method to generate them.

Facts Leyton Identified

Applying principles of food engineering to overcome
technical uncertainties qualifies for the credit. The salaries
of employees engaged in R&D activities also qualify. We
showed them how supplies used in test batches, trial runs,
and first-run production could also be considered.

Result: $1.2 Million in Federal R&D Tax Credits!

After reviewing current and previous years’ activities, we
were able to document and claim credits for 3 prior
years. We successfully assisted this client in claiming a
$1.2 million R&D Tax Credits!

The end result was definitely worth the effort. Leyton is highly recommended!