Case Study: Dental Practice

This innovative Dental Practice claimed $220,723 in R&D Tax Credits!

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The R&D Tax Credit Experience with Leyton

“I heard about at Leyton at a dental seminar. After speaking with Leyton’s dental team, we realized that the R&D Tax Credit is very real and we had a very good experience claiming for the first time.” – Dr. David Chan, DMD


Dr. David Chan founded Wellspring Dental Group in 2011 with offices in Nashua and Bedford, New Hampshire. Wellspring Dental is a full-service family dental practice that aims to provide best-in-class solutions that are tailored for each of their patient. They currently have 49 employees across both locations and their services include routine dental exams and cleaning, fillings, crown and bridge, extractions, dentures, clear aligners, 3D digital scanning, laser treatments and more.

While Dr. Chan was familiar with the Research & Development Tax Credit, like many dentists, he was unaware that his day to day process improvements qualify his practice to claim the credit.

Qualifying R&D Activity

Dr. Chan implements ongoing investigative innovation into his practices, which made him an ideal candidate to take advantage of the R&D Tax Credit. One of his qualifying projects involved Restorative Fillings. His practice is improving filling efficiency and optimizing patient outcomes by changing techniques of layer placement and fill volumes of composite materials, to have a more coherent process and decrease void occurrence.

These improvements also aim to decrease patient sensitivity via the use of CO2 lasers and other alternatives like topical anesthetics and injections. By going through this process of experimentation, the client was able to improve his composite restorative procedure by significantly reducing curing time and decreasing patient sensitivity.

Another qualifying R&D project was the Dr. Chan’s investigation of orthodontic bonding methodologies to optimize his bracket/attachment fixing technique while still achieving effective malocclusion and durable orthodontic appliances. The client went through a process of experimentation by investigating ways to decrease moisture levels, get rid of excess resin around brackets, and expedite the overall bracket application process.

Other qualifying projects included soft tissue preparation improvements for crown restorations, improving the durability of dental sealants, and more.

Result: $220,723 in Federal R&D Tax Credits!

Once we had identified all the qualifying R&D projects that Wellspring Dental Group was undertaking, our dental technical consultants and tax experts worked hand in hand with Dr. Chan to understand his experimentation processes and activities, interviewed his staff to understand their role in these projects, and collected all the relevant expenses to build a substantial R&D Tax Credit claim for his practice.

This was his first time claiming the R&D Tax Credit, and through our collaborative approach, we were able to uncover multitude of qualifying projects and expenses that the client had previously not considered as qualifying research and development. As a result of the R&D study, Wellspring Dental received a comprehensive Technical Report and was able to claim a substantial amount in R&D Tax Credits.

In addition to current year, we were able to claim 3 years retroactively. With the help of this tax credit, we plan to buy additional lab equipment & different materials to improve our practice. It’s pretty exciting to know that we qualify and the fact that it’s not necessarily development of a project, but also process improvements. I’m getting a lot of my money back!