Case Study: Biotechnology

This IVF clinic discovered $725,000 in R&D Tax Credits!

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The R&D Tax Credit Experience with Leyton

The collaboration with Leyton was a fantastic experience in helping us understand our ability to apply for R&D tax credits. Their consultants worked with us closely to examine the intricacies of our research and how it was being translated clinically to help infertility patients. – Chief Science Officer


This client is one of the biggest fertility centers in the country. They offer many fertility treatments such as IVF, IUI, donor egg IVF, egg freezing, and genetic testing. This client was a great candidate for the Federal and State R&D Tax Credits due to their continuous innovation to develop new technology and techniques based on their advanced clinical research.

Qualifying R&D Activity

The Leyton team first visited the client to learn more about their clinical research and operations and discuss their eligibility for the R&D Tax Credit. After several meetings with the Chief Science Officer and collecting related information, we were able to identify several areas of qualifying R&D activity in the various steps of an IVF cycle, such as growing the eggs, storing the eggs and sperm, fertilizing and then freezing the eggs, as well as the process optimizations they were undertaking at each of these steps.


We performed a full look back study for previous 3 tax years, and current tax year. As a result of the study, the client was able to claim for R&D Tax Credits at the Federal and State levels. They received a refund of overpaid Federal and State taxes in the look back years, and utilized their current year credits entirely to offset their current year’s tax liability.

The claiming process was quite a lot of fun! We developed a very good association with the Leyton team. They definitely brought us a much better understanding of the process of obtaining Research & Development tax credits and what qualifies as R&D for this tax credit.