Case Study: Craft Brewery

Leyton did an incredible job learning about, and understanding, our production process to apply R&D tax credit principles to our situation, with surprisingly minimal invasiveness to us. – Managing Member


This client produces 40 to 50 unique beers every year. They market a completely new brew, in new packaging, every two weeks. Each batch is the result of a completely scientific process, requiring a molecular understanding of the structure and function of the proteins and nucleic acids that make up the different grains, various spices, yeast, sugar, and dissolved oxygen responsible for a given taste. The biochemical interactions of these ingredients is dependent on the ratio of each and it can take five or more attempts to achieve the desired result.

Facts Leyton Identified

Each time they sought to perfect a new flavor they were actually employing food science technologies. We showed them that each new batch required a unique recipe that was the direct result of the type of experimentation that qualifies for R&D tax credits.


We discovered 4 years’ worth of credits, allowing them to amend state and federal tax returns. They were so impressed with the savings that they entered into an agreement with Leyton to refer other brewers to us.

The tax credit we receive is easily worth the time we put into working with Leyton on the project!

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