Pro Sailing Tour - Episode 2: Winner of the inshore races and the 24hr-challenge, Leyton takes victory in Brest!


Top of the leader board after the first two days of inshore races, team Leyton drove the point home on Sunday in Brest by taking victory in the Défi 24h in Finistère following a standout performance. The result confirms the fantastic work by all the team, sailors and technicians alike, which meant that Sam Goodchild, who was unable to attend, could leave Morgan Lagravière in charge of the helm. This week, the mixed team on Leyton will head over to Saint-Quay Portrieux for the 3rd episode of the Pro Sailing Tour 2022.

The two days of windward-leewards in Brest harbour proved to be very positive for the mixed crew on Leyton. Manoeuvres repeated multiple times and smooth communication within the team enabled Laurane, Devan, Morgan, Pierre and Aymeric to win four out of six races and finish second in the other two. Quite the confidence boost then prior to the start of the ‘24h in Finistère’ challenge, which was launched on a sunny Saturday at 16:05 local time in 16 knots of SW’ly wind on choppy seas. 

After falling off the pace a tad due to a slight technical glitch, Morgan, Aymeric and Pierre made a good sail change as they closed on the first course mark. With the J1 (large headsail) set, the Ocean Fifty Leyton was able to really power up and the trio made the rounding in first place. From there, they managed to hang onto the lead for the rest of the race, battling hard for every metre whilst their rivals jostled for supremacy in their wake. Shortly after 10:00 hours on Sunday morning, the blue and orange trimaran was first across the finish line, which also earned them the overall win in this second episode of the Pro Sailing Tour 2022 for the 2nd year running.

Vincent Curutchet / Pro Sailing Tour

“This result is a fine demonstration of our strength, which is our team from every angle. It’s not just the skipper who gets the boat to win but the group as a whole, which we’ve put together with Aymeric, Julia, Robin and Axel. Our boat is capable of winning races, plus we have a versatile crew. I’m happy to have left Morgan with the helm for this regatta. It’s been very successful and I’m incredibly proud of all the team.”

— Sam Goodchild, Skipper

“The 24hr-race was fabulous but full-on! The sea state was harsh at times and the tacks were tight with a fair amount of breeze. We posted some great peaks of speed with our Ocean Fifty. Pierre and Morgan managed to coordinate well and get in synch to get the boat making fast headway. I admire the way Morgan integrated the team. He brought all his expertise to bear and gave us a different take on certain areas. In order to raise our game, it’s always interesting to have someone from outside look over things and share their opinion.”



1. Leyton / 70 points
2. Primonial / 54 points
3. Arkema / 47 points
4. Solidaires En Peloton – ARSEP / 47 points
5. Koesio / 43 points
6. Komilfo / 36 points
7. Groupe GCA – 1001 Sourires / 12 points


1. Leyton / 15 points
2. Arkema /  14 points
3. Primonial / 12 points
4. Koesio / 10 points
5. Solidaires En Peloton – ARSEP / 8 points
6. Komilfo / 8 points
7. Groupe GCA – 1001 Sourires / 4 points

Aymeric Chappellier : skipper/navigator
Morgan Lagravière : helmsman
Devan Le Bihan : bowman
Laurane Mettraux : bowman/trimmer
Pierre Pennec : tactician