LEYTON FOR ME – An innovative app to digitise, streamline and simplify your claim process

Leyton for me allows you to follow your R&D claim process and interact easily with your consultant

This application, developed by our in-house Tech Lab , eases the exchange of information and documents in a highly secured process, and guides you across all steps of the Research & Development Tax Credit claim.

The four advantages of the platform

  • Secure connection to your dedicated claim workspace
  • Easily share documents and upload deliverables
  • Historical view of the claim and information shared with your consultants
  • Access to the latest tax information and news

LEYTON FOR ME in numbers

user satisfaction



2 679

accessible deliverables for our customers

6 332

documents exchanged

84 105

Key advantages of the platform

Secured document Secured connection to your dedicated claim workspace

Filing your documents securely. Uploading of documents is impossible after submission to ensure complete confidentiality. You choose which members are allowed to have access to these documents.

Easily share documents and upload deliverables

Complete monitoring of your claim from start to finish. You can see all your eligible R&D projects, the status of your technical documents and the claim deliverables in real-time.

History of the claim and information shared with your consultants

Centralise your exchanges and collaborate easily with your consultant. You have access to the history of exchanges at any time.

Access to the latest tax information and news

Constant updates on legal and fiscal changes and updates by HMRC which may affect your current or future claims.

Try LEYTON FOR ME, and collaborate with us to enhance and streamline the financing of your research projects

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