Innovation Webinar Series: Construction


1:00 PM


Join our Innovation webinar series on ‘Sustainability and the Circular Economy’ with insights from industry insiders and professional services experts. This webinar was co-hosted by Leyton and Potter Clarkson.

This webinar covered:

  • What does it take for construction to shift from a linear economic model to a circular model?
  • Case study – Developing technology solutions for greener and more sustainable construction
  • Insights from Leyton: How are innovative businesses capturing and capitalising on their R&D?
  • Insights from Potter Clarkson: Using IP rights to protect innovation in the construction industry

Megan Lear, Channel Manager, Leyton
Jason Teng, Partner, Potter Clarkson
Peter Fisher, Director, Bennetts Associates
Andrew Pestana, Senior Innovation Manager, HS2, i3P

Download the recording here.

Jason Teng

Partner, Potter Clarkson

Peter Fisher

Director, Bennetts Associates