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Liz Hood, Lingoing Ltd

Leyton’s consultants were excellent to work with, they were very understanding and the trust between us is now very well established. The work that Leyton do is truly excellent, they were consistently proactive and responsive.

About the business

Lingoing Ltd bring together deaf clients, agencies, commercial organisations and sign language interpreters so they can work together efficiently. They offer an array of services including Face to Face and Video Relay interpreting.


The client developed an app that puts together deaf/hard of hearing individuals and interpreters in real time so they can sign what they hear in a conversation. They have also developed an online platform alongside this. Lingoing’s founder is deaf and faced many challenges in business life, this app is something he needed and is a completely unique product. Their app has grown significantly and they now have firms including Uber & TFL among their clients.


Lingoing Ltd reinvested the R&D tax credit they received back into doing more R&D to evolve their business. Although they would have funded this research one way or another, the R&D Tax benefit meant the company didn’t have to move money away from another area of the business. In the past, the client had found it difficult at times to keep up with the market, but with the financial benefit and guarantee this funding stream will come into their business in coming years, they are more easily able to stay relevant.

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