Case Study

Alex Thomson Racing

    • 30-03-2023
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Alex Thomson Racing case study

Leyton offered huge assistance with regards to maximising what we could claim for and building a deeper understanding of our business. This naturally took some time before we could make our first claim but this paid dividends in the long run. We soon learned that there were projects in the past where we could have claimed if we’d had the support and advice of Leyton at the time. Leyton has really helped us uncover extra value.

Our campaigns run in four-year cycles, culminating in the Vendée Globe round-the-world yacht race, which takes place every four years. Each four-year cycle brings with it new cutting-edge technology, which has the potential to significantly improve performance

The claims process

“Thanks to the support of Leyton, the claims process has been much simpler and more straight forward for our business. Our Leyton consultant took the time to show us how the calculations work so that we could put these into the formats needed. We now know how Leyton would like us to report the information to them, and this process is now very straightforward.

We have found that, in order to maximise what we can claim, input from our technical team is essential. Our Leyton consultants are able to speak on a technical level to our technical team and draw out the necessary information directly from them, which makes this process even more efficient. Essentially, the more you put into the process, the more you get out of it. The process can be time-consuming in its very early stages but it is very much worth it.”

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Prior to working with Leyton, we were claiming via our accountants. This involved us essentially feeding through information to the accountants, which they would then put into a different format, in order to allow us to claim. With Leyton, however, we found the process very different. In the early stages of the relationship, we spent time speaking to the consultants so that they could fully understand our business and how we operated.