Leyton UK Awarded Exceptional Learning Organisation Accreditation by LPI

  • By James Swift
    • Sep 20, 2023
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We are delighted to announce that Leyton UK has recently been accredited as an ‘Exceptional Learning Organisation’ by The Learning and Performance Institute (LPI). This prestigious accreditation is a testament to our commitment to creating a thriving learning environment, fostering a lifelong learning mindset in our employees, and creating a culture of continuous development.

The Learning Organisation Accreditation recognises organisations that understand learning is fundamental to employee performance and have successfully built a workplace infrastructure to support this. ‘Exceptional Learning Organisation’ (ELO) means that we’re leading the way in the Learning & Development (L&D) field, going above and beyond to ensure learning is a fundamental element to our employee’s experience, forming part of our organisational DNA.

LPI Chief Learning Officer Sarah Hatton observed, It’s immediately noticeable, from almost everyone I had the pleasure of speaking to at Leyton that learning is a fundamental cornerstone of the organisation and is at the heart of everything they do…I’m delighted to recommend them for ‘Exceptional Learning Organisation’ status.”

James Swift, Director of Talent Development at Leyton UK, and his five-member team are responsible for the onboarding and induction of employees across Sales and Consultancy, as well developing Leyton’s three Key Talent Programs: Leadership Development, High Potential Talent Coaching and Capability Programs. Over the past year, they have successfully changed the perception that L&D is there to simply develop training, towards creating a learning environment where everyone can thrive.

“We’re thrilled with the accreditation,” said James. “We chose to undergo the rigorous assessment process for several reasons: to gain external validation of our approach, to provide internal validation for our L&D strategy, to identify areas for improvement, and to benchmark against other organisations.

“We’ve strived to create a learning organisation that fosters an environment where development happens naturally. It’s about empowering team members on their mission to reach their career goals and guiding them towards their full potential.

“We ask every employee, ‘are you moving forward?’, and are committed to their ongoing improvement as individuals and the group as a whole. After all, they’re the ones delivering the exceptional service for our clients. Their success is Leyton’s success. It’s great to see that a respected L&D body such as the LPI have endorsed, and indeed praised, our approach.”

“The L&D function is built on strong business partnering,” added Sarah. “James and his team are role-modelling what a great learning function should be doing, and they should feel very proud of what they have and are continuing to achieve.”

L&D’s substantial role at Leyton UK was also recognised by team members, with 96% agreeing that they receive the development they need to do their current job and 94% saying they felt that there was a culture of learning.

Find out more about how Leyton UK empowers our employees’ careers.


James Swift

Head of Talent & Development

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