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How Leyton helped Shark Finesse leverage the R&D Tax scheme to accelerate their time to market.

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Technical Director, Shark Finesse

The additional funding has facilitated the process of development, accelerated our time to market and helped us focus our core value. Leyton were very easy to work with; their technical knowledge is amazing and it is obvious they have a very strong technical background.

About the business

Established in 2002, Shark Finesse have created a software toolset to build the business case for investment, convert this into a financial ROI report and produce a justification with the right language to win the necessary budget. Shark ROI Software provides their customer with everything they need to create customer specific, ROIbased business cases for their proposed solution.

The benefits of the scheme have had a massive impact in terms of technology, and accelerated our time to market by 8-12 months. R&D investment is now a no brainer and we have increased investment in resources to keep the pace of development and technology levels high.


Shark Finesse provides a unique product to the market, giving sales, pre-sales, product marketing, consulting and bid teams tools to ensure that proposals are cost justified and fully differentiated from the competition. The product is customisable and the interface allows for a variety of activity, for example, quantifying the benefits of any type of solution from predictive analytics on a gas turbine, to how good CRM systems can retain more customers.

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