Can a morning Teams call replace the human interaction that we crave?


By Oliver Ivey

As we hit our next milestone on our roadmap out of lockdown. We now begin to think of how home working will affect the productivity of our teams and the UK Economy.

Of the 73% of people in the UK able to work from home 43% felt that they were more productive with 38% stating that it had made no effect on their ability to do their job.

Rishi Sunak has encouraged employers to get their teams out of the homes and back working together. Yes, this is certainly a push to stimulate the economy but without thinking about this do we truly desire to eliminate our face to face interactions with our colleagues or does a morning Teams call really give us the human interaction that we crave.

At Leyton our interactions with businesses is ever evolving and naturally the current situation has put certain challenges in place, but our client delivery has not faltered. As businesses look to continually adapt there seems to be a fine balance in appeasing the masses and what is sustainable.

Through my time at Leyton we have always worked in an office environment and the culture that we have built has allowed myself and others to thrive. Our ability to effectively share knowledge and support each other is something that as a business we need to be extremely proud of.

During the pandemic companywide interaction has fallen to the way side. Personally, working home does not bring out the best in me. People speak about the distractions they face in the office but these distractions are what enable me to continually grow within my job at Leyton and what the foundations of our success are built upon. Do I think some flexibility is good? Yes, but if that loses a community and the sense of common goal it is certainly detrimental to society.

Insights from Oliver Ivey, Business Development Manager, Leyton UK


Oliver Ivey