Make tax relief your next R&D breakthrough

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Optimising the value of your R&D claim with Leyton UK

  • We improve your net financial benefits – our expert tax and technical consultants build an in-depth knowledge of clients’ businesses, maximising the potential value of claims by uncovering every activity and project which can be claimed for
  • We increase efficiency – our close collaboration with our clients allows us to rapidly review existing R&D capturing processes and input improvements, saving you valuable time and money
  • We mitigate risk – our specialist R&D experience, bespoke methodology, and close links with HMRC ensure clients’ claims are consistently aligned with new tax legislation and regulations. This allays the risk of an enquiry however we defend claims free of charge should it ever be required
  • We provide over 7,000 companies each year with the technical justification and full financial report around their R&D projects and expenditure to submit to HMRC

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    What do our clients say about us?

    With some of the larger consultancies, you often find yourself paying for the ‘brand’. Sometimes this seems to involve little more than them just putting their logo on a piece of work you could have done yourself. With Leyton, it’s not just the brand you are getting but their technical knowledge which sets them apart
    Paul Stephens, CFO, Winch Design