Alexander & Angell Farms

How Leyton helped Alexander & Angell Farms claim tax relief on their breeding programmes.

Andrew Hope, Owner

Leyton were extremely professional, very efficient and grasped our technology quickly. Our accountants didn’t mention the scheme as they thought we wouldn’t qualify; we are very glad we were proven wrong.

About the business

Alexander & Angell (Farms) Ltd has specialised in Pig breeding and Poultry since 1920’s. The business was taken over by the Hope family in the 1970s and is now in its 3rd generation of management. The business has pioneered many ideas over the decades, they provide fertile eggs to integrated poultry businesses and bacon and pork pigs to Supermarkets and local retail outlets.


R&D carried out by the client included the testing of different breeding techniques for their pig stock, a breeding programme to enhance desirable traits and create a genetically superior animal, LED lighting experiments and the development of an optimal disease control methodology


The client was originally unaware of the R&D tax scheme, and once informed about the scheme believed that they did not have the qualifying activity to carry out an R&D claim. After Leyton’s review, the client was able to capitalise on several new areas and a significant amount of expenditure. Aided by the R&D Tax Credit scheme, as a business they have become more efficient and more profitable.

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