eLEYTON: a 100% in-house Tech Lab

Our team of developers at the cutting edge of digital innovation work daily with consultants to maximise the value created for our clients.

The Tech Lab

Our experts, technical and financial consultants, rely on the dedicated eLeyton Tech Lab to develop applications and tools that combine artificial intelligence, RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and data management. These Augmented Consultancy solutions allow us to offer our clients state-of-the-art services.

Integrated Digital Squads

Agility and business knowledge to master the entire value chain.

Excellence and Augmented Intelligence

Deploying more efficient technologies at the cutting edge of innovation and trends.

Reliable and Secure Solutions

DevOps and DevSecOps teams abide by strict standards to ensure the security and quality of our solutions.

eLEYTON in figures

experts in the tech lab


applications developed in-house


production roll-out per month


development days in 2021

20 000

Grants and Subsidies search engine

Digital Solutions for Greater Efficiency

The Tech Lab develops exclusive applications to address specific customer issues. For example, the search for grants is often a complex and tedious task, due to the number and variety of local, regional and national grants available. The Tech Lab provides consultants and their clients with in-country grant search engines that use specialised data mining technology to continuously update open source data offered by government sites on funding opportunities. Finding grants is now quick and easy, and our teams can offer the most suitable financing solutions to their clients, especially start-ups and SMEs.

Dedicated digital platforms for an optimal customer experience


LEYTON FOR ME is a B2B platform that helps both consultants and clients track the progress of different projects. The platform facilitates fluid communication between-parties, facilitates documents sharing, and offers other useful features for the client such as: activity transparency, data security and better project monitoring and management.


Gigawhat is a platform that makes it possible to manage the financing of works related to white certificates in a faster and more thorough way. Gigawhat includes the necessary functionalities for the follow-up and management of white certificates.


Preview launch at CES 2022

Tax consulting as a service

REV is the new web app developed for startups and small businesses to quickly and easily claim tax credits, such as the Payroll R&D Tax Credit.

REV features a dedicated user portal, third-party integrations, and a quicker delivery time for qualifying clients. Aimed as a solution for smaller, tech-oriented businesses, REV will open Leyton’s world-class services and tax experts to those who need it.

An organisation that allows us to control the entire digital value chain

Integrated Digital Squads

All digital professions are integrated into our in-house Tech Lab. An organisation that enables our teams to master the entire digital value chain: product owners (PO), PPO (proxi PO) software engineers, data scientists, designers, DevSecOps, BI consultants, scrum masters, tech leads…
The specialisation of the teams, the professional training, the presence of PO experts in the field of application as well as the perfect integration and immersion in the heart of the operations facilitate the understanding of the specific challenges of each business. Our teams are well equipped to optimise the increasingly complex reporting processes.
Our digital teams, made up of POs, business and marketing experts and our “pizza team” organisation, enable our experts to increase their efficiency and agility through better communication and group cohesion.

Our own servers hosted in a private Cloud

Excellence and Enhanced Intelligence

Only the top 100 people that demonstrate their expertise on a daily basis in each field of innovation by keeping a constant watch on developments in legislation and technology will join the tech lab.
Our Data Lab teams are dedicated to experimenting with artificial intelligence models to deliver more powerful trending technologies.
Our Data Factory teams process large volumes of data (data lake) in order to make more relevant decisions and to identify opportunities in a more proactive way, thus allowing us to actively develop new services.

Reliable and Secure Solutions

To ensure the security and reliability of our solutions, we host our own servers in a private cloud, follow strict GDPR standards, and respect and certify our quality standards [ISO9001].
By using the latest tools, our DevOps and DevSecOps teams ensure the deployment, monitoring and quality of our applications.