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The R&D Tax Relief, a complex tool

The challenge

We were neither aware of the fact that the government had a R&D tax relief system in place to help businesses, nor that our type of activity could qualify. Most of our software developments are based on the use of open source technologies but given the inability of these solutions to work together our teams often have to extend their functionalities. They also develop algorithms to solve incompatibility issues and system integration difficulties.

Leyton was an obvious partnership for us

Outstanding technical expertise

Leyton guided us through every step of the process from the introduction of the scheme to the submission of the claim. Their undertaking of the technical report on our behalf was essential to our claim’s success. Leyton’s communication throughout the process was excellent.

The solution

With no knowledge on this scheme it was difficult for us to collect relevant information to prepare and submit the claim. Furthermore, as we are fully involved in our development programs we did not have the resources to dedicate ourselves in this time-consuming process. The fact that Leyton had in-house software engineers was crucial in helping us to determine which projects could qualify for this scheme. Their analytical interview approach and technical knowledge were invaluable.”

The value of the R&D Tax Relief for us

The benefit

Thanks to Leyton’s expert advice we have realised that a very large proportion of our operations are in fact eligible for R&D tax relief. With their involvement, we have been successful in our first ever R&D tax relief claim. We have developed a strong partnership with Leyton and will definitely seek their advice when claiming in future.

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