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Between Technical And Financial Staff, The Quality Of The People Working With Leyton Is Excellent, Very Competent And Professional. Group Financial Controller

Limited information available

The challenge

We knew the R&D Tax Relief existed and was very anxious to do something about it, however, when I did my research, it seemed there was limited information on the subject. I spoke with our advisors who advised us of the many risks involved in claiming the incentive such as revenue audits etc. We knew we had a strong case for the incentive, but I did not have the time or resources to put figures and documents together. I wanted to find a way to claim it with a strong support behind me, so I chose to work with Leyton.

A strong portfolio of people

The solution

The representation from Leyton was very impressive. Between technical and financial staff, the quality of the people working with Leyton is excellent, very competent and professional. The technical capability of the consultants to come up to speed with our industry and write such detailed and coherent reports was exceptional. Leyton were extremely thorough and professional in every step of the claiming process. They did all the hard work and took the administrative burden completely off our shoulders. This made the entire process work fluently and efficiently while limiting our involvement and allowing us to stay focused on our core business

Superior consultancy

The benefits

They have an excellent understanding of legislation guidelines and eligibility rules and kept us up to date regularly on any changes or developments. I now look on Leyton as a strong partner for R&D claims and I would never consider breaking that relationship. They have shown true expertise in their field and have guided us efficiently along the process each year. With the confidence of Leyton behind us, we have claimed all relief owed to us and there is no question we were able to make a more accurate and substantial claim because of them.

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