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Is your business developing cutting-edge software? You may be eligible for R&D Tax Relief

Is your business striving for software innovation?

Regardless of the subject matter and industry, modern software solutions are core elements for development activities in all stages of the product development process, starting with idea generation, through conceptual design to market launch. Up to now, software development has been treated rather stepmotherly by German innovation funding, as the boundaries between product innovation and technical innovation were too blurred. For example, software projects such as programming application software and management systems for optimizing business processes generally had too low an R&D component. Fortunately, the government has recognized the relevance of distinct expertise in software development for Germany as a location for innovation, so that funding programs are now opening up more to this research field.

Examples of R&D activity in the Software industry

  • Development of new operating systems or languages
  • Designing and launching new search engines based on original technologies
  • Efforts to resolve hardware or software conflicts by reconfiguring a system or network
  • Creation of new or more efficient algorithms based on new technologies
  • Creation of new and original encryption or security techniques

We understand the topics that drive your industry

  1. Transformation to digital industry to serve the technological needs of the market.
  2. Optimize and automate your business processes using state-of-the-art technologies (e.g. AI/ML/DL).
  3. Ensuring continuous availability and scalability of your IT resources via the cloud across all your business units
  4. Security of your IT systems against cyber attacks and crime to protect your sensitive data.

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    Many companies in the sector are not aware that they carry out eligible R&D activities on a day-to-day basis within the meaning of the research allowance, for which they can claim a lucrative tax credit. The tax credit is offset against a company’s income tax liability and allows reinvestment in further R&D, for example.

    Our Leyton experts assist companies in applying for the research credit. Our dedicated team consists of experienced engineers and scientists who provide our customers with maximum economic benefits as well as making a significant contribution to optimizing operating costs.

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