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The need for medical care and therapy is increasing every year and at the same time, thanks to the technological progress, the range of treatment options is constantly growing so that therapies can be individualized and carried out efficiently. Medical technology forms an important part of this development process by developing crucial tools for the diagnosis, care and treatment of patients. Imaging processes and analysis devices for diagnostics, medical implants, and intelligent software solutions for evaluating health data are just a few examples of the broad spectrum.

In medical technology, strong market regulation means that both high financial and technical obstacles have to be overcome in terms of special expertise. That’s why, it can be considered extremely valuable if R&D projects are financially supported through the use of the various government funding instruments.

Examples of R&D in Medical Technology

  • Development of new implants
  • Development of new algorithms for the analysis of medical data
  • Development of new markers for diagnostics
  • Development of miniaturized sensors for diagnostics
  • New application scenarios of VR/AR technology in medical care
  • Research into new materials and surface structures for medical use

We understand the topics that drive your industry

  1. Development of digital business models for the long-term success of medical technology companies such as the use of automation, robotics, AI and data processing;
  2. Developing “medicine of the future” that is predictive, preventive, personalized (Individualized Medicine) and participatory;
  3. Exploration of new materials and manufacturing processes;
  4. (Further) development of products to meet customer needs and/or new regulatory requirements, e.g. MDR, in the future;
  5. Development of products/approaches from the fields of robotics, sensor systems, AI and IoT that address the entire healthcare supply chain in increasingly efficient and effective products and services.

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    Many companies in the sector are not aware that they carry out eligible R&D activities on a day-to-day basis within the meaning of the research allowance, for which they can claim a lucrative tax credit. The tax credit is offset against a company’s income tax liability and allows reinvestment in further R&D, for example.

    Our Leyton experts assist companies in applying for the research credit. Our dedicated team consists of experienced engineers and scientists who provide our customers with maximum economic benefits as well as making a significant contribution to optimizing operating costs.

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