International Expansion: Leyton Lands in Portugal


By Salma Tarek

At Leyton, it is our primary mission to help businesses leverage financial incentives to accelerate their growth and achieve long-lasting performance.

With international expansion as part of our strategy, we welcome a new office in Portugal, and are already in place to support businesses in their sustainable growth. With our newest addition, we surpass from 12 to 13 countries and complete our presence in the Iberian Peninsula.

David Parraá, the general director at Leyton Iberia, will be in charge of supervising the development of business in the Portuguese market.

With COVID-19, Leyton found ways to maintain the exponential growth achieved during the last years. As a result of what we’ve achieved, and thanks to our 7 offices spread through the Spanish territory, we establish ourselves as leaders in the industry. With this momentum, we’ve wanted to continue expanding our business and take on this new opportunity in the Portuguese market with great enthusiasm. I am sure that this new adventure will be a success.

David Parraá

General Manager Leyton Iberia


Based on the local tax incentives and our 24 years of experience in innovation funding, the services that will be offered in the Portuguese market can be divided into 3 main groups:

  • Tax deductibles or SIFIDE: These are tax incentives for the creation of the right to deduction for the execution of research activities, development, and innovation
  • Financial Aid: Portugal 2030 and international financial aid, for example Horizon and Eureka.
  • RFAI: For investments in new economic activities, growth or diversification, such as investments in new, tangible and intangible, fixed assets.


As we open our doors to the needs of innovators in the Portuguese market, we plan to welcome talented experts to ease our clients’ workload and leverage financial incentives for sustainable performance.

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Salma Tarek

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