Funding of German-Swedish R&D projects for SMEs

  • Von Jakob KREUTNER
    • 22 Mar, 2021
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FuE-Projekten für KMUs

With the aim of promoting German-Swedish research and development projects by small and medium-sized enterprises (R&D projects for SMEs), the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy has launched a new call for proposals for cooperation projects together with Vinnova. In Germany, funding is provided within the framework of the Central Innovation Programme for SMEs (ZIM). Here, R&D projects for SMEs are funded in which new products, technical services or processes with high market potential are developed and subsequently transferred to the market.

Applications can be submitted until 11 May 2021. The announcement of the funding results is planned for 29.09.2021. A prerequisite for submitting an application is the participation of at least one SME in each country. In addition to a short joint overview form in English describing the overall project with the work of all partners, a separate application must be submitted to each national project management organisation (AiF Projekt GmbH or Vinnova) in accordance with the national funding conditions. For the German sub-project, the funding conditions of the ZIM programme apply.

Since 2017, the BMWi, together with Vinnova, has regularly offered opportunities for bilateral R&D cooperation projects. As a rule, a corresponding call for proposals is published once a year. Therefore, take advantage of this unique opportunity for 2021. Together with our colleagues from the newly opened office in Sweden, we will be happy to advise and support you in the application process. Simply contact us without obligation.



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