Franco-German Innovation Projects for Artificial Intelligence

  • Von Linda Claßen
    • 10 Feb 2021
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Artificial intelligence

Through joint innovation projects in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Germany and France will deepen their close cooperation in the field of AI in the future. Within the framework of a new funding call, both countries will provide funding of 10 million euros each over the next three years. Project proposals can be submitted until 29 April 2021.

With the new call for projects, Germany and France want to financially support innovation projects between the two countries on artificial intelligence technologies. The basis for the cooperation is the 2019 Treaty of Aachen. The DLR Project Management Agency and Bpifrance are administering the call for funding.

The expansion of the European AI ecosystem is to be the focus of the joint projects. The aim is to strengthen Europe’s economic sovereignty and make the economy more resilient. The new AI innovation projects will bring together academia and industry.

The new AI innovation projects may, for example, focus on applications in the field of sustainability or improvements in the health sector. They will be based on AI technologies used for risk prevention, crisis management and resilience. Projects that address cross-cutting issues, such as data sharing or data infrastructures like GAIA-X, are also possible.

Together with our French colleagues, we look forward to receiving your R&D project ideas and will assist you with the application process.


Linda Claßen

Senior Grants Consultant Innovation at Leyton

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