Digital Electricity

Claim tax relief on your innovative environmental projects. Are you maximising your claims potential?

R&D in Digital Electricity

In environmental markets, Innovation can be proven around IT /software solutions linked with

  • Power plants
  • Waste to energy plant
  • Biomass plants
  • Utilities
  • Energy-intensive industrial sites
  • Carbon monitoring and reporting

Is “Digital Electricity” innovative?

Digital Electricity combines data and power into packets that are transmitted and received similarly to how data packets travel over enterprise networks. It transfers high levels of power over non-power cable. A complete system requires transmitters and receivers: It used to be the case that electricity travelled in one direction, from the power station via the transmission and distribution grids to the consumer, but today’s grids have to cope with “oncoming traffic”: electricity travels not only in the “top-down” direction, but also “bottom-up”. In order to coordinate generation and consumption in a demand-based and consumption-based manner, the electricity grid needs to become smarter. Redispatch, for instance is a measure activated by a transmission system operator by altering the generation or load pattern in order to change physical flows in the grid and relieve a physical congestion. In the past, only large power plants were integrated into that process. As part of the new regulation in the Redispatch 2.0 process, in the future also generators with also “small capacities” of minimum 100 kW as well as smaller plants that can be remotely controlled by a grid operator.

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At Leyton we use our innovation funding expertise to deliver tax relief claims as an end-to-end service. We provide full project management from initial engagement through to benefit. Our tax experts have a wealth of experience working with businesses to help them claim through the R&D tax credit scheme and will put together the technical report enabling you to submit your claim. Leyton worked with more than 20,000 clients last year. These companies received an average of 90,000€ in R&D tax credits.

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