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We are setting up transversal career development paths that focus on our employees’ skills and profiles, thus allowing all individuals to express their potential.
Your proactiveness, your achievements and your personality will all help you take advantage of internal mobility opportunities to find your ideal position.


Diversity is a precious resource, a performance lever that has been contributing to our richness and our success for over 20 years. By fully fostering the diversity of our staff, we enrich our interactions, enhance our projects and boost our achievements across the entire world.
We now employ people of more than 36 different nationalities who continually fuel our expertise.


The most important drivers of an employee’s enthusiasm are good spirits, enjoyment at work and diversity, according to our staff. A potential that we highlight through seminars, training, afterwork sessions and multiple corporate events to encourage solidarity and maintain the team spirit!

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Career at Leyton Germany

The funding landscape in Germany is enormously extensive. As a rule, one does not know where to apply for what and how.
We keep track of everything for our customers and get them the maximum amount of subsidies they are entitled to as efficiently as possible.
Risk-free for the customer, we deliver the maximum added value.
As a former startup founder, I know from my own experience how enormously important subsidies are and can proudly claim that we create true added value.

Jan Reisert, Senior Business Development Manager

Career at Leyton Germany

No matter which kind of innovation: whether Software, services of business models – working with Leyton I can always follow my own interest and strengths. And if – after all I would reach the limit of my capacities it doesn’t really matter as I always find some support within the group as I can trust my more experienced fellow mates from other international branches with the Leyton group.

Besides personal fulfilment and development it was also the exciting possibilities of career opportunities in such an evolving organisation like Leyton which made me decide for an employer like Leyton.

Tobias Donner, R&D Consultant

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