Research funding, for the German automotive industry, which has always been research-intensive?

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Innovation in Automotive

The German government is using a wide range of incentive instruments to support the German automotive industry in its protracted transformation process toward a new, more comprehensive value proposition for mobility. The ambitious and parallel efforts to transform mobility and energy in response to the Paris Climate Agreement require targeted financial stimulus due to their scale. Innovations in the areas of new drive systems, improving driving comfort and safety, and expanding the vehicle’s value proposition are seen as drivers of change and offer the potential to create effective incentives. To handle these topics, many companies are already using innovative methods and technologies, which they can have funded through one or more of the 2500+ German funding programs.

Examples of qualifying R&D projects in Automotive

  • Development of novel and significant improvement of existing energy storange technologies
  • Development of novel traffic information systems
  • Development and testing of new material technologies
  • Development of new sensor systems and corresponding information-processing software
  • Development of new functional surfaces

We understand the topics that drive your industry

  1. Connected Car: Use of encryption technologies in the context of digitalization.
  2. Autonomous: Fully or partially autonomous vehicle control using innovative sensor technology to improve (driver) safety.
  3. Carsharing & Services: Development of new business models in the area of car sharing; development of new modules to simplify usability, e.g., voice and gesture control, cockpit design, diverse use of displays; function integration and development of new surfaces incl. new materials; integration of new services to expand the value proposition
  4. Electric: Development of all modules of the electric drive system, taking into account the avoidance of sensitive raw materials and the reduction of weight (lightweight construction).

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    Many companies in the sector are not aware that they carry out eligible R&D activities on a day-to-day basis within the meaning of the research allowance, for which they can claim a lucrative tax credit. The tax credit is offset against a company’s income tax liability and allows reinvestment in further R&D, for example.

    Our Leyton experts assist companies in applying for the research credit. Our dedicated team consists of experienced engineers and scientists who provide our automotive customers with maximum economic benefits as well as making a significant contribution to optimizing operating costs.

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