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additive manufacturing

Benefits of Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing (AM) is behind the optimization and improvement of the quality of metal ob...

rare earth recycling

The Challenge of Rare Earth Recycling 

On top of being necessary in mostly all electronic devices REEs are a cornerstone in the developm...


Can nanomaterials be used to reduce CO2 emissions?

Researchers have experimented with everything from metallic to carbon-based nanoparticles to rend...

SR&ED Claim

How the SR&ED Claim Value is Calculated

Your claim amount is determined based on your eligible expenditures. The specific calculation met...

Cannabis industry

Top Cannabis Industry Challenges

High operating costs, stringent government regulation and strong market pressure have all been ob...

Cannabis culture

Cannabis Tissue Culture & Its Potential

Cannabis tissue culture continues to grow in popularity with emerging research demonstrating the ...

self-cleaning surfaces

The Science of Self-Cleaning Surfaces

Self-cleaning surfaces are a solution for highly touched surfaces that can not be cleaned frequen...

Canadian greenhouse industry

Innovation Opportunities in the Canadian Greenhouse Industry

The Canadian greenhouse industry is in need of innovation to combat environmental and societal ch...

Tax credits for hiring

Tax Credits for Hiring and Training Employees in Canada

Are there tax credits for hiring and training employees in Canada? Yes, there are tax credits ava...


Driving User Engagement through Gamification in Digital Marketing

User engagement is crucial for success in digital marketing. With most digital marketing campaign...

Can Artificial Intelligence achieve sentience

Can AI achieve Sentience?

In this new article, our expert explains how artificial intelligence can succeed in developing fo...

3D printing

3D printing technology – what does the future hold?

3D printing technology has become increasingly popular with our rising desire to create. So, what...