The Leyton Group: Supporting the fight against COVID-19

  • By Nicole Mirabal
    • Oct 01, 2020
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Across the world, the Leyton teams in more than 30 offices and 12 countries are fully mobilized to help our clients navigate through this highly challenging period. Below is a short summary of how our international teams are supporting both innovative businesses and the critically important efforts of those on the frontline and in the research field during the ongoing fight against COVID:


Leyton Canada is offering free in-depth SR&ED tax and funding advice and support to businesses helping to combat COVID, to ensure they secure the maximum tax relief possible and a faster recovery to improve cash flow.


Leyton France is donating 1% of all fees collected by the company between 20 April and 20 May to the Institut Pasteur, a non-profit French foundation dedicated to the study of biology, microorganisms, diseases, and vaccines. The institute is currently working on developing a vaccine for COVID mobilizing all researchers in Paris and in the 32 institutes around the world.


Leyton UK is supporting the inspiring work of the country’s health service by donating 1% of all fees collected by the company in April, May, and June to the NHS

The UK is also offering a free comprehensive R&D tax service to companies that are repurposing to assist the COVID effort. This advice will help businesses to facilitate crucial cash flow, reclaim against costs such as staffing and consumables, and benefit from the full tax relief they are eligible to receive.

Our associated specialist employment law firm, LexLeyton, has been offering free consultations to businesses needing advice around key topics such as working from home policies, sick pay, risk mitigation, and recovery planning. They also created comprehensive Coronavirus FAQs for Employers hub, covering a huge range of COVID-related employment issues.


Leyton Spain is donating 1% of all fees collected in April to CSIC, the Spanish State Agency for scientific research and technological development, to help combat COVID.


Leyton Benelux is donating 3500€ to VIB, a leading life sciences research institute whose labs are carrying out important research on COVID. Further initiatives will be announced shortly.

Another 3500€ were donated to the Fund for Supportive Care of the King Baudouin Foundation, a fund for all hospitals and other residential care institutions for the elderly, youth welfare, people with a disability, etc. The aim of this fund is to support these institutions after the corona crisis (or when the crisis is under control) by setting up more sustainable care, i.e. helping healthcare personnel to cope with this crisis, implementing lessons learned, etc., in order to maintain their high quality of care.



The Italian Government recently launched the ‘Italia Start-Up’ website, which has been collecting 50 start-ups and SMEs that present solutions or services to help fight the COVID crisis. Leyton Italy is offering these innovative businesses free, in-depth R&D consultancy, investigating the feasibility of their projects, reviewing, modifying, and potentially improving them, and helping the businesses with their cash flow challenges.

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