The Future of Web3 as told by Leyton Employees – Blockchain Futuristic Conference 2022

  • By Nicole Mirabal
    • Aug 15, 2022
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Blockchain Futuristic Conference

During the week of August 9th, 2022, the Leyton innovation team attended the Blockchain Futuristic Conference, the biggest cryptocurrency and blockchain event in Canada! Held in Toronto, the event brings together over 100 brilliant leaders in the Web3 space to discuss NFTs, blockchain technology, the metaverse, cryptocurrency, and much more! With 2 floors full of expo booths, NFT galleries, and immersive technology, the Leyton team got to connect face-to-face with leading companies in this sector and got a sneak peak into the future of Web3, and we’re sharing it all with you!

What did you find the most surprising about the Web3 industry?

“The Blockchain Futurist Conference made me realize how little I know about the direction that blockchain technology is moving towards. From real estate to gaming, there’s so many more innovative ways to incorporate blockchain technology than you would initially think!”

MinSoo Jeong, Business Development Manager

“I was surprised at how many Canadians are actively involved in the industry considering most companies were based abroad.”

Hamza Khan, Commercial Associate

What was the Highlight of the Blockchain Futuristic Conference 2022 for You?

“Futurist conference was 48 hours of meeting innovative blockchain companies and experiencing such great solutions in Crytpo, and NFTs. My star moment was watching Vitalik speaking live. Huge shoutout to Leyton for providing me with such a valuable opportunity.”

Jasmeet Kaur, Senior Commercial Executive
MinSoo Jeong, Business Development Manager

“It was a privilege to have the opportunity to meet and talk to various pioneers that share conviction in the potential that this nascent technology has while still maintaining the view that the path ahead and eventual applications are wholly uncertain. This uncertainty could be a sign of imminent technological disruption, and it is very exciting to be a part of it.”

MinSoo Jeong, Business Development Manager

“It was an absolute delight and privilege to attend Futurist. An amazing opportunity to learn about the newest applications and usage of blockchain. I got to network with amazing companies and got meet my clients in person for the first in person for the first time in 3 years. And course it’s always a pleasure to share with them how they can offset the cost of their tech payroll in Canada, US or in Europe!”

Alex Elanko, Head of Partnerships & Growth

“It was awesome to get back out there in the field. This was my first Canadian conference since the start of COVID. We got to meet some of our clients in person for the first time, even running into old colleagues and friends. As a holder myself, the future of crypto looks bright and is in good hands.”

Hamza Khan, Commercial Associate

Final Thoughts The Blockchain Futuristic Conference 2022

Leyton is fortunate to be able to attend the Blockchain Futuristic Conference 2022 and recommends this event to anyone that shares our passion for web3, innovation, technology, and growth. We are glad to be able to contribute not only to growth within our employees’, but also growth within the web3 sector through innovation funding.

Through our team’s combined effort we were able to demonstrate to multiple web3 companies that they have access to more capital than they think. Companies within the web3 space may be eligible for financial incentives, such as the R&D tax credit. It is through innovation funding that we will continue to offer support to this sector and enable web3 to reach new heights . 

Until next time!

Want to experience the live action? Check out our vlogs, live from the Blockchain Futuristic Conference!

Missed us at the Blockchain Futuristic Conference?

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