The Future of Innovation as told by Leyton Employees – Collision 2022

  • By Nicole Mirabal
    • Jun 28, 2022
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Collision conference Toronto 2022

During the week of June 20th, 2022, the Leyton innovation team had the opportunity of attending Collision, one of the biggest tech conferences in the world! As a sold-out event, over 35,000 attendees grazed the Enercare Centre in Toronto to interact with and learn from brilliant leaders in the tech innovation space. With over 1500 tech start-ups, and 600+ speakers from over 130 countries, the Collision Conference 2022 was far from ordinary. During this jam-packed week, the Leyton team got a sneak peak to the latest up and coming technology, and we’re sharing it with you!

You won’t believe what we saw!

What was a Memorable Innovation from the Collision Conference 2022?

“The most memorable innovation for me was a company using AI and ML to produce video content based on prompts, which they also stream via Twitch. The ‘movies’ are never the same, and continuously get better as the model learns.”

MinSoo Jeong, Business Development Manager

“I thought the VR station was really cool! The headset made it feel so vivid and they took us in a Rocketship through space and crash landed into Mars, I remember after I took it off it took me a while to realize it wasn’t real.”

Rea Havari, Senior Commercial Executive

“I spoke to a company that was still in the process of developing an algorithm to give prices in real time for homeowners looking for different types of maintenance services. I thought the platform was very creative and I am looking forward to speaking with them later in the year to see how their company has progressed.”

Sam Siskos, Commercial Associate
Amir Derayatifar, MBA, Business Development Manager

“The most memorable innovation for me? Well I would say eVTOL (electric vertical-take off landing) along with AI and ML.”

Amir Derayatifar, MBA, Business Development Manager
Karl Frederick, Business Development Manager

“Some of my favourite innovations include the barbershop and my client, “The Fitting room Technology” – it has a virtual fitting technology…takes online shopping to the next level!”

Karl Frederick, Business Development Manager
Constance Tortosa, Senior Commercial Executive

“I think the major innovation was being able to attend a conference without wearing a mask and getting back to normal. It felt so good. We could see that the pandemic has been a time of brainstorming and now people are able to show the fruits of their labor. Pandemic brought new dynamics.”

Constance Tortosa, Senior Commercial Executive

“It’s hard to look past any booth exhibiting a VR headset that simulates space! However, I found some of the companies on display in the fintech area particularly forward-thinking and impressive.”

Charles Sole, Sales Director Toronto

What was the Highlight of the Collision Conference 2022 for You?

“Collision was like a huge buffet of Innovation. The huge variety of companies represented was mind blowing. The access to DM’s was amazing. Just to be there was an honor.

Covid has brought unprecedented innovation. We see the expansion of innovation every day at Leyton. As participants in Collision, we saw the huge level of innovation in person!”

Marshall Katz, Business Development Manager

“It was great to speak with so many innovative companies about not only core programs in Canada, but other parts of the world as well. I am looking forward to following up with the individuals I met and finding the best possible way to help their business long-term.”

Sam Siskos, Commercial Associate

“It was an eye-opening and inspiring experience. I got to learn a lot about how start-ups are simplifying processes and finding solutions to different issues. It was great speaking to all the bright, innovative minds that made the conference a truly humbling opportunity. It sparked my own ideas, and I am so excited to attend more conferences like Collision in the future!”

Rea Havari, Senior Commercial Executive
Karl Frederick, Business Development Manager

“A memorable moment at Collision was the opportunity to meet some of my prospects in person. I thought that was great as I’ve had meetings with them virtually but to also meet them at this Conference was an added bonus.”

Karl Frederick, Business Development Manager
Amir Derayatifar, MBA, Business Development Manager

“For me the opportunity to network and get to know a lot of bright minds from all over the world was the boldest point. I was lucky to exposed to some quality conferences presented by technology leaders discussing about challenges, trends and the long term plan for innovation in Canada.”

Amir Derayatifar, MBA, Business Development Manager

“The most meaningful part for me would be the opportunity to see many different leaders pitch their products and ideas in front of such a big audience.”

MinSoo Jeong, Business Development Manager

Final Thoughts About Collision 2022

Leyton is fortunate to be able to attend the Collision Conference 2022 and recommends this event to anyone that shares our passion for innovation, technology, and growth. We are glad to be able to enable not only growth within our employees’ futures, but also growth within the tech sector through innovation funding. Through our team’s combined effort we were able to demonstrate to multiple start-ups that they can innovate without financial constraints. We look forward to taking part in many companies’ journeys towards building the tech of tomorrow

Until next time Collision!

Want to experience the live action? Check out our vlogs, live from the Collision Conference 2022!

Missed us at Collision?

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