Long Short-Term Memory networks

  • By Annan Liu
    • Feb 06, 2023
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Long short term memory AI

Long Short-Term Memory Networks, most often referred to as “LSTMs,” are a unique class of RNN that can recognize long-term dependencies.

They were first presented by Hochreiter & Schmidhuber (1997), and several authors developed and popularized them in subsequent works. They are currently frequently utilized and perform incredibly well when applied to a wide range of issues.

Intentionally, LSTMs are created to prevent the long-term reliance issue. They don’t strain to learn; rather, remembering knowledge for extended periods of time is basically their default habit.

All recurrent neural networks take the shape of a series of neural network modules that repeat. This recurring module in typical RNNs will be made up of just one tanh layer, for example.

Long short term memory artificial intelligence

The horizontal line that runs across the top of the figure and represents the cell state is the key to LSTMs. The cell state resembles a conveyor belt in certain ways. With only a few tiny linear interactions, it proceeds directly down the whole chain. Information can very easily continue to travel along it unmodified.

Since there may be delays of uncertain length between significant occurrences in a time series, LSTM networks are well-suited to categorizing, processing, and generating predictions based on time series data. LSTMs were created to solve the vanishing gradient problem[16] that might occur when training conventional RNNs. In many cases, LSTM has an advantage over RNNs, hidden Markov models, and other sequence learning techniques due to its relative insensitivity to gap length.

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Annan Liu

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