Sustainability Takes Shape

  • By Fadia Awad
    • 16 Jul, 2020
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Transformation of sustainability 

Although the expression “sustainable development” has been circulating around the world since the 1980s, a lack of consistency in the interpretation of concepts such as “green economy”, “clean technologies” and “green jobs” is being identified at a global scale. The absence of universal definitions hinders the ability to measure the progress of the efforts being deployed towards a society that aims to create an innovative and prosperous economy while being environmentally and socially responsible.

Homogenize the concept of sustainability 

Fortunately, initiatives are already in the works to develop clear and precise indicators that will make it possible to structure multiaxial data. These indicators will facilitate compiling informative statistics to support tangible adjustments to ongoing strategies aiming to achieve the objectives of sustainable development.

On that topic, the ‘Institut de la statistique du Québec’ presented a report in June 2020 and the Canadian Environmental Sustainability Indicators developed in 2019 constitute a key instrument for assessing sustainability.

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Fadia Awad

Director of Grants and SR&ED Consulting

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