SR&ED in the pharmaceutical industry


By Nicholas Garcia

Our Senior SR&ED Manager Nicholas Garcia, will give you details and information about the Pharmaceutical industry and how this industry can benefit from Government funds, especially the SR&ED tax credits.

Examples of questions covered

  • How to describe the Pharmaceutical industry?
  • What types of government funding are available for pharma companies?
  • How does Leyton support companies in their claiming process?
  • And more!

If you want more information about the Pharmaceutical industry and how we can help you access funding, contact one of our experts today!

About our Senior SR&ED Manager Nicholas Garcia

Nicholas Garcia holds a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering. He has over 10+ years of experience as a R&D consultant. At Leyton, he manages the manufacturing consulting team and helps clients obtain tax credits for their innovation projects.


Nicholas Garcia

Nicholas Garcia

Senior SR&ED Manager