Gaming: Meet our client CryptoMibs


The future of gaming is here!

CryptoMibs is an arcade-style gaming and collectibles platform based on digital marbles. Built on Ethereum, it provides gamers with true in-game asset ownership and secure peer-to-peer transactions;

The platform features multiple games, a Mibs marketplace, in-game currency, and cross-gaming with assets from other platforms.  Powered by smart contracts, gamers can customize their marbles and independent artists can profit from their unique marble designs.

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Main mission of CryptoMibs

To be an enabler in the mass adoption of blockchain technology by showcasing it benefits, contributing to its development, engaging in the disruption of existing industries, and educating the general public.

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One on one with our client, CryptoMibs

In an exclusive interview, our Director of Operational Performance in Toronto, Jonathan Irwin asked questions to both founders of Cryptomibs, Tanya Lindsay and Dino Nosella

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