Blockchain technology: Meet our client AXIS DeFi

Learn more about our client, AXIS DeFi, they are creating an open financial and art system by leveraging blockchain technology.

March 18, 2021

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The future of open finance and open art!

AXIS DeFi will create an open financial and art system by leveraging blockchain technology and specifically, the concept of “Non-Fungible Tokens” or NFT.

Many are discussing NFTs as a potential disruptor to the financial and the art industry. AXIS is building a NFT platform to allow creators to easily put art on the blockchain, and collectors to collect digital art in a new way.


Main mission of AXIS DeFi

Their vision is that finance and art should be open, inclusive and accessible for everyone. They allow others to buy, sell and discover NFTs and digital collectibles, secured with blockchain.

Interface of AXIS DeFi

Discover more about AXIS DeFI and their products follow them on their social media.

One on one with our client, AXIS DeFi

In an exclusive interview, our Director or Operational Performance in Toronto, Jonathan Irwin asked questions to the Co-founder of AXIS DeFi, Maggie Xu, where she explained blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies terms.

Examples of questions asked

  • How would you define blockchain?
  • What are some blockchain terms that people should know?
  • How do you see blockchain and crypto evolving in the future?

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