Make a sustainable shift


By Alize Langlois

World Environment Day takes a different meaning this year within the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. As the world suffers through an unprecedented economic crisis resulting from the lockdown to protect the health of citizens; local and global task forces are being formed to make recommendations on a resilient economic recovery.

It is becoming clear that the former economy model was ineffective and non-sustainable; and that the only way to achieve a recovery that is both resilient and profitable is through new innovative, efficient, and non-polluting technologies and systems that will be greener, affordable and available to everyone. 

World Environment Day 2020

Support for clean technologies

At Leyton, we foresaw the need to support the shift towards this new economy, even before the start of the pandemic, by developing expertise in clean technologies and dedicating a team to support organizations in the environmental and sustainability sectors.

We are confident, especially now after witnessing the extraordinary capabilities of individuals and enterprises in quickly transforming their offerings and business models to adapt to exceptional situations, that we can contribute to this recovery by helping such organizations increase their financial performance by securing additional funds through SR&ED tax creditsgovernment grant programs or managing their operating costs and expenses. 


Alizé Langlois

Alize Langlois

Marketing and Partnership Manager