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CleanTech industry

    • 20-01-2023
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Our client is a Cleantech company specializing in the recycling of waste solvents, glycols, and refrigerants. The Company has been catering to numerous industries engaged in varied sectors such as paint and coatings, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and aviation.

One of our business developers reached out to them extending the sales tax services to undertake a review of their costs and taxes paid on them.

The review entails identifying saving opportunities from a sales tax perspective. While another competitor had already done a similar review for May 2015 to March 2019, however, Leyton was engaged to do a fresh review for periods starting from 01 January 2016 up to 31 December 2019.

The Client gave us access to their VPN and ERP software which enabled us to initiate the review remotely, however, only for the year 2019. For all the other years, the invoices were in paper form. During the course of our review, we gathered that majority of invoices for the period 2019 is not available online and hence we need to go onsite to extract those.

Given the COVID-19 situation, we picked up one year to start with as employee/ visitor visit was limited at the client’s location. Lists of invoices to be checked were identified before going onsite. Initially, We came across a few small amounts of invoices that were not covered by the review done earlier.

By digging deeper, we came across invoices that were club-related are actually not eligible for credits. However, the description needed to be checked. That’s where we got our first big recovery of CAD 3617 in one single invoice!

The recovery highlighted by Leyton for one year exceeded the entire recovery amount done earlier by the competitors for the 4 years. We sought additional invoices of similar nature and identified one more. The nature of the invoice was a Christmas dinner hosted at the club which is eligible for claims. After delivering the claim, the client was very impressed and happy with our work.