Development of New Batteries: Main funding opportunities for your investments at European and Belgian levels

    • 06 May, 2021
    • 01h00
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The European Commission has recently approved a €3.2 billion investment plan for companies from seven Member States (Belgium being one of them), which are pioneers in research and innovation in the area of batteries. These funds are expected to unlock an additional €5 billion in private investments. Furthermore, other funding schemes are available or will be in the near future.

Our experts can guide you through a number of attractive support measures that are meant to ease the burden on companies like yours that invest in new technologies such as batteries. If you are interested in how your company can optimize its investment budget, please register for our free Webinar on the 06th of May.

Federico Perrone (senior consultant EU Affairs at Leyton) will give you an introduction to some interesting funding programs at the European level: Horizon Europe, Eureka and LIFE.

Vincent Saerens (grants consulting manager at Leyton) will explain how Belgian companies active in R&D for new batteries can leverage regional grants.

Michiel Cassiers (senior tax consultant at Leyton) will introduce you to a well-established but little-known tax incentive in Belgium that is perfectly suited to support companies that seek to invest in new battery technology, namely the R&D investment deduction/R&D tax credit.


Michiel Cassiers-Senior tax consultant at Leyton
Michiel Cassiers

Senior tax consultant at Leyton

Michiel Cassiers-Senior tax consultant at Leyton
Vincent Saerens

Grants consulting manager at Leyton

Vincent Saerens-Grants consulting manager at Leyton
Federico Perrone

Senior consultant EU Affairs at Leyton

Federico Perrone-Senior consultant EU Affairs at Leyton

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